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Massage therapy

Whether to relieve daily stress, to reduce muscle pain or to improve your energy level, massage therapy can help you.

When making an appointment it is not necessary to select a type of massage. We can discuss it on the day of your appointment in order to adapt the treatment to your needs that day!

Benefits of massage therapy

Reduces anxiety

Promotes better blood circulation

Increases lymphatic circulation

Promotes better sleep

Reduces muscle, ligament and joint pain

Helps strengthen the immune system;


Le massage de détente est généralement un massage de tout le corps. La pression peut être de douce à forte selon la préférence, mais ce type de massage priorisera généralement des manoeuvres plus lentes et englobantes 

Massage crânien
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Massage du cou d'acupression


Therapeutic massage generally targets a problem area. The pressure is adapted to your comfort, but the maneuvers used allow you to go deeper. This type of massage aims to relieve muscular and ligament tensions.

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The massage adapted to pregnancy is carried out lying on one side then the other as well as lying on the back with cushions to ensure comfort throughout the massage. This massage particularly relieves pregnancy ailments: The lower back, shoulders and improves circulation in the legs. 

Yoga prénatal
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